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Charbagh 30ml Perfume Spray By Dixit&Zak

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Charbagh is fine example of a natural & very rare blend of rose. Hence, we decided to save a little & share a little.

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Product Description

Charbagh is like to walk in the garden with Emperor.

An exclusive blend of private distilled rose damascena layered smoothly on creamy sandalwood, tweaked with tiny dose of cardamom bud and placed in a oud vase. It’s such a symphony and treat for senses.

Gives a rejuvenating experience. The opening is fresh petal of roses with a kiss of citrus peel and dash of honey. It’s lush.

The Charbagh is very delicate rose ‘Gulkan’ and not overwhelming rich rosy sugary jam.

I can say with confidence it is ‘one of a kind’ rose experience. Unfortunately, supply of this quality rose material is extremely low & heavy cost price as private distilled. Furthermore, Vintage sandalwood and oud makes the tag price go heavy and insane. It’s commercially not viable.

Just to showcase our work and rarity of ingredients we decided to sell only a handful dozen & rest we decide to keep as our private collection.



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